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We hear it all the time..
"Do you take Trade-Ins?"

"Do you buy trucks?"

The answer is "ABSOLUTELY!"

We will buy your truck, whether you buy one from us or not!! We're always on the lookout for the highest quality used trucks in DFW, so if you've got one, we want it! We're not kidding - we love to buy local trucks. If you've got a truck that you'd like to sell to us, or a truck that you'd like to trade in, just give us a call at (972) 895-3026, and we will take care of the rest!

We make the process easy - just fill out our online trade in sheet and tell us about your truck. At the end of the form, you'll upload 9 or 10 photos of your truck, so we can see what it looks like. Our team will take a look at your info and your pictures, and we'll contact you with an offer. Then you bring us your truck and we pay you!

If you want to trade in your truck for one of our quality used trucks, you can use the same form, so you'll know our trade in offer before you even get here! Just fill out our trade in sheet, attach your pictures, and we'll send you our offer.  As always, if you have any questions, please call us!

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